Loved by Tenants

Your tenants can pickup packages or keys anytime day or night

Free for Landlords

Effective service with minimal upfront costs

Preferred by Carriers

Our easy-to-use system requires neither carrier onboarding nor supervision.

Easy package management that is affordable.

Minimize the cost of purchasing an expensive locker system. Outsource and upgrade package management with our service that is preferred by tenants, management and carriers.

Save time & money

  • Easy-to-use system that does not require supervision
  • No cost for our unit. Minimal ongoing costs.

Funded by tenant subscription. We are not paid unless our service works.

Affordable option for outsourcing package management.

Easy deliveries require minimal or no training for carriers.

Outside locker placement allows to combine multiple buildings.

How we work

After registration, tenants simply use their locker shipping address to ship their packages to the locker. Once their package is delivered we notify them via email for easy package pickups 24/7.

Try it Now, for free

  • Pay nothing for the locker unit!
  • Minimal upfront costs for landlords
  • Subscription model reduces costs to landlords
  • Limited time free trial available for your tenants. Please sign up now.


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Parcelist Testimonials

Parcelist took over the headache of managing tenant packages and has done a very nice job. Now, there are almost no package complaints from tenants and I am happy to see that packages are no longer cluttering up the building entrance. Parcelist will be effective for anyone.

Paul Singh

Walnut Square Apartments

I deliver packages for USPS. Every day, I use different systems that receive packages for buildings that keep them secure for recipients. Parcelist is the easiest to use because there are no numbers or codes to remember. I simply scan the label to deliver the package. It is really simple.

Ms. Dee


Parcelist was easy to use and was never a burden on me. And, I felt a lot better about shipping items directly to me knowing that they would be stored safely upon arrival. I highly recommend it!

Corey C.