Great package management for everyone

Free for property owners, easy for tenants, preferred by carriers.

Online shopping is gaining traction

As online shopping is becoming much more convenient for tenants, effective package management can greatly improve first impressions.

Poor package management can create friction, poor initial impressions, compromise building safety and cause ongoing issues for you and your tenants.

We remove all of the friction involved in receiving deliveries to your building. Easy deliveries allow us to better track all packages till they are picked up. Even carriers delivering for the first time do not require any training. We can effectively automate package management.

Package management made easy

Our easy-to-use scan, deliver and go lockers do not require carrier training or staff supervision, simplifying your deliveries.

By removing upfront costs, we offer a highly desirable amenity for tenants. We guarantee a working service since we are funded by tenant subscriptions.

Our Goals

  • To provide hassle-free package management that works for both tenants and landlords.
  • To provide you with a desirable amenity, paid for by tenants.
  • To provide a complete solution that tracks all package deliveries.

Ideas from our team

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Is it time for managing packages outside?

Increase tenant satisfaction with next gen package management.


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Parcelist Testimonials

Parcelist took over the headache of managing tenant packages and has done a very nice job. Now, there are almost no package complaints from tenants and I am happy to see that packages are no longer cluttering up the building entrance. Parcelist will be effective for anyone.

Paul Singh

Walnut Square Apartments

I deliver packages for USPS. Every day, I use different systems that receive packages for buildings that keep them secure for recipients. Parcelist is the easiest to use because there are no numbers or codes to remember. I simply scan the label to deliver the package. It is really simple.

Ms. Dee


Parcelist was easy to use and was never a burden on me. And, I felt a lot better about shipping items directly to me knowing that they would be stored safely upon arrival. I highly recommend it!

Corey C.